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concentration [card game]


It is a concentration of the card game. Concentration is one of the famous card game.
Because there is a need to store the position of playing cards concentration, it can also be a brain training to train the memory.
Because I can play anywhere at any time, please use this app all means.
■ rules of concentrationSo that you can play easily, use 16 pieces in all playing cards to be used.
When you start the game, playing cards are dealt randomly, are ordered playing cards face down.
If you touch the playing cards, playing cards will be in the table.
And if it is possible to draw the same playing cards in a row two, that card will remain in the table.
For those playing cards is different in the first and the second frames eyes, the playing cards are face down on the back.
It becomes clear if it is possible to repeat the behavior of these, make a list of all the playing cards.
In this app, we are counting the number of times missed, the number of errors is displayed in the clear at the time.
Please do its best so that it can be reclaimed by as little as possible misses.